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Leading manufacturer and agent for Rubber & Engineering Plastic, PTFE

Yureka Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1999, grew from a small research and development (R & D), to become the current leading manufacturer and agent for Rubber, Engineering Plastic, PTFE, Loctite and Adhesive products in the center of Malaysia.

Yureka Sdn. Bhd. has many significant creative and technological breakthroughs through the years.

Yureka Sdn Bhd. has served many companies from Small Medium Industries (SMI) to Multinational Industry (MNI),like Proton, APM, Panasonic, Upha pharmaceutical, Nestle group etc.., Yureka 's products outfit to industry ranging from food, packaging, automotive, electronics, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, as well as semiconductor, military industry.

Yureka Sdn. Bhd. committed to continuously upgrading its products quality and product range to effectively compete in the global market.







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