PFA / FEP Coil Tubing

fluoroplastic coiled tubing is a spiral formed tube manufactured in FEP or PFA. This product consists of multiple, retractable coils in a single tube. Because fluoroplastics have a low co-efficient of friction, these coiled hoses allow unrestricted flow in confined spaces. They are also nonwetting, non leaching and can be supplied in resins with a very low refractive index for applications where visual monitoring is necessary.

Coiled tubing is always custom engineered to meet your specifications.  Tubes manufactured in FEP should remain stable up to 200ºF/93ºC. PFA will hold its shape up to 300ºF/149ºC. Above these temperatures,  the coils diminish and lose their shape


Download Technical Specification Here: 

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)