White Neoprene Food Grade Rubber Sheet

White neoprene food quality rubber sheeting (CR) is manufactured from a high quality synthetic material that conforms to the latest food approval regulations. , offering excellent resistance to ozone, weathering and ageing. It also provides enhanced tensile strength and temperature resistance due to the quality of the compound in comparison to the black alternative.

Food quality neoprene rubber sheet is a popular option in the food processing industry due to the elastomers moderate resistance to greases, fats and vegetable oils. It can be supplied by the roll, cut into round gasket and  shapes utilising CNC machinery, or joined to create expansion joint.


Key Features of White Neoprene

  • Shore Hardness: 60° ± 5°.
  • Temperature: -30°C up to +120°C.
  • Approved for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Moderate resistance to greases and fats.
  • Excellent resistance to weathering.