Graphite With SS Tanged Insert

Stainless Steel Tanged inserted graphite is reinforced with 316SS.  It is an ideal material for most industrial fluid sealing applications.

Tanged graphite gasket laminates  are suitable for moderately high temperature/high pressure gasket applications with a wide range of media. Using mechanical means or certain adhesives, graphite foils can be attached to the reinforcing core.

In chemical service industry, though graphite based products are resistant to most chemicals it is highly imperative to consider any possible reaction between chemical medium and reinforcing metallic core as graphite is susceptible to attack by nitric acid or sulfuric acid at certain concentrations and temperature.

Gaskets with tanged inserts are typically found in high temperature and high pressure seal points. The tanged insert provides radial strength which helps to prevent blowouts. These gaskets are often used in exhaust, head gaskets, intake manifolds, turbo chargers, catalytic converters, etc. Generally, the mechanically bonded materials are perfectly suited for exhaust environments and remove the concern that an adhesively-bonded product might delaminate in the same heat.

Most of the time when you’re needing a gasket with a tanged insert, you are dealing with temperatures that exceed 800°F. Some of them are rated for applications that see temperature peaks that push 2000°F. With such high temperatures, many are also starting to find a need for gaskets with insulative properties to protect sensitive components on one side of the flange.

These gaskets are used in demanding industries such as petrochemical/refining industries as a result of absence of any rubber or polymeric binders making their stress retention levels high. This in turn ensures that the gasket stress applied upon assembly is retained during service.