Graphite Sheet

Graphite is known to excel in extreme conditions, withstanding heat, pressure and aggresive chemicals.  It is especially noted for dimensional stability in high temperatures and pressure fluctuations.  Because of these features, graphite gaskets and seals are used in:

  • Refineries
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Industrial Fluid Sealing
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Steam Services
  • Cryogenic Applications
  • Thermal, Electronic and Electrochemical Applications


Graphite Gasket Material specifications:
Temp. Range – Oxidizing Atmosphere (air): -400°F to +920°F
Temp. Range – Mild Oxidizing Atmosphere: -400°F to +1420°F
Thermal Conductivity: Parallel to Sheet Surface:  900 BTU-in/ft2.h.f
Thermal Conductivity: Through Thickness: 33 BTU-in/ft2.h.f
Widths: 1m
thickness:  1/8″